SCS Daily Dose 06/08/2021

SCS Daily Dose for Monday - 6/08/2021 5:00 AM. Keep close watch on some important indicators to find a trade for the next week. Even though nifty is showing full strength, since the last few sessions its major contributing shares, which are components of Bank nifty, are not so supportive to its strength. This may [...]

SCS Daily dose 02/08/2021

SCS Daily Dose for Monday - 2/08/2021 5:00 AM. And the New Monthly Game begins today. Monday, after the monthly expiry is an actual start of a new monthly Game of Stock Market.  You may think of it as four or five Test Match series every month. And Monday is the 1st Day of 1st [...]

SCS Daily Dose 29/07/2021

SCS Daily Dose for Thursday - 29/07/2021 5:00 AM. And the story of Nifty continues……………………. since last 42 trading sessions. Before the End Game of Nifty July Expiry this is exactly: 13th time Nifty has taken support near 15630 to 15550 and Exactly the 13th time faced resistance from 15870 to 15950. Total “13” times [...]

SCS Daily Dose 26/07/2021

SCS Daily Dose for Monday - 26/07/2021. Nifty Hourly Chart as on 26-07-2021 at 9:00 AM There are six horizontal lines on chart. Let me discuss in detail, as I will use above color Codes in future also. Green and Red Lines. Green Line – Shows Top of the Range. Red Line – Shows Bottom [...]